Short-term Programs in Hessen


Short in duration yet designed to maximize your learning outcome and cultural experience!


The Hessen-Massachusetts Exchange offers short-term study abroad options twice a year, during summer and in January. No German skills are required!

Seven Hessen International Summer Universities (Hessen:ISU) take place in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Fulda, Giessen, Kassel and Marburg between June and August.

The four-week summer study programs consist of:

  • Seminars and lectures in English as well as in German focusing on current European and German topics such as economics, politics, society, culture and science
  • Intensive German language courses at all levels beginner/intermediate/advanced
  • Extensive cultural and excursion program


Credits are awarded for the successful completion of the program. Each ISU has its own thematic focus. Please visit the Hessen:ISU-website for details.

Special conditions apply to students taking part in the Hessen-Massachusetts program


Application and deadline


Three Hessen International Winter Universities (Hessen:IWU) take place during the winter term in Kassel, Fulda and Darmstadt.

The three-week winter study programs consist of:
  • Seminars and lectures in English
  • Intensive German language courses at all levels beginner/intermediate/advanced
  • Excursion to Berlin and additional extensive cultural and excursion program


The University of Kassel welcomes students from around the world to its International Winter University Kassel (December 29, 2019 - January 18, 2020). IWU Kassel offers students the choice of an engineering module, which focuses on renewable energy sources, a cultural module, which focuses on German history, literature and art, and--starting this year--a module on e-cars. Get detailed information on the IWU Kassel-website.


The International Winter University Fulda takes place at the Hochschule Fulda, University of Applied Sciences (January 6-25, 2020). Seminars will be offered on the topics "Culture and Society", "Culture and Politics" and, "Art and Society". Find out more on the IWU Fulda website.


The International Winter University Darmstadt takes place at Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences (December 30, 2019 - January 18, 2020. Students can choose between a business module ("International Marketing and Sales") and a social sciences module ("Design of Healthy Cities"). For more information, see


Application and deadline


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