Cost Estimates of Study Abroad

Earn credits while studying abroad the affordable way!


For participation in the Hessen-Massachusetts Exchange you remain registered at your home campus and pay home tuition for the amount of credits required for the study abroad program. Other pre-departure costs include airfare, passport, and a study abroad administration fee. Please consult your International Office for detailed information. Tuition or program fees on our side will be waived!


The estimated cost for participation in the Hessen-Massachusetts Exchange varies and depends on the Hessen campus you will be studying at and the program in which you will be enrolled. As a participant in a semester program, you will be responsible for covering room and board. Our summer and winter programs even include housing and, in many cases, some meals. Overall, compared to your living expenses in Massachusetts, Hessen is very affordable. This means you can spend more money on traveling Germany and Europe!



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