Semester Programs in Hessen


A semester or academic year with the Hessen-Massachusetts Exchange offers the opportunity to experience Europe, Germany and especially the State of Hessen along with high-quality academics and great quality of life. Strengthen your knowledge about Germany and increase your proficiency in German while studying either in a bustling city like Frankfurt, in a medieval setting like Marburg, or in the Baroque town of Fulda - just to mention a few. You can choose from as many as 13 different campuses with an almost limitless choice of academic programs. Hessen's central location makes it ideal for trips to other German regions or European countries.


Semester or Academic Year?

Get the most out of your study abroad experience, personally and academically. It takes time to make the transition from tourist to resident. During the first semester you will be learning and getting used to a lot of things, not only the language, but also the culture, the surroundings, the people, and of course the academics. During the second semester you will be able to apply and use what you have learned and you will finally feel at home. A year abroad offers the most intense adaptation and integration experience.


No German? No Problem

Most of the courses will be in German, but fluency in German is no prerequisite for many programs. A growing number of classes are taught in English.

All Hessen universities offer pre-semester German language courses for exchange students. In addition, there is a language training program along with course work during the semester especially designed for visiting students.



    The International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP) at Philipps University Marburg is geared towards students from the US with no or only little knowledge of German. The semester times are almost equal to US semester times. The program starts with a six-week intensive German language course, followed by classes in various subject areas that are either taught in English or supplemented by an English tutorial. Please visit the IUSP website for details:



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